Web Service Endpoints

Each service is accessed through versioned service endpoints. The four endpoints are:

1. Service Information (SIS)
2. Transaction Processing (TPS)
3. Transaction Management (TMS)
4. Customer Management (CMS)

Accessing Endpoints

Applications communicate with each web service endpoint using endpoint URLs.  Administrative users must be allowed to modify the connection(s) as needed. Therefore, all URLs should be in a configuration file.

The SIS endpoints provide the following functionality:

  • Authentication of an Identity Token or Username/Password through SignOn methods
  • Returns the current service capabilities configured for your application: Service IDs, workflows, supported

Operations and other information related to your application’s configured processing capabilities:

  • Returns information about the application and merchant data associated with your Service Key
Service Information Endpoint URLs
SOAP Certification Environment: https://api.cipcert.goevo.com/x.x.x/SvcInfo
REST Certification Environment: https://api.cipcert.goevo.com/REST/x.x.x/SvcInfo
For detailed information regarding Service Information operations, please refer to Service Information.


The TPS endpoints provide the following functionality:

  • Transaction processing
  • End-of-day transaction settlement processing
  • Account verification and inquiry
Transaction Processing Endpoint URLs
SOAP Certification Environment: https://api.cipcert.goevo.com/x.x.x/Txn
REST Certification Environment: https://api.cipcert.goevo.com/REST/x.x.x/Txn
For detailed information regarding TPS operations, please refer to Transaction Processing.


The TMS endpoints provide the following functionality:

  • Query transactions and see a summary or detailed information
  • Query for transaction families, where you will see all associated transaction (authorization, void, return, etc.)
SOAP Certification Environment: https://api.cipcert.goevo.com/2.1.30/DataServices/TMS.svc
REST Certification Environment: https://api.cipcert.goevo.com/2.1.30/REST/DataServices/TMS.svc
For detailed information regarding TMS operations, please refer to Transaction Management.


The CMS endpoints provide the following functionality:

  • Create, update, and query invoices and subscriptions
  • Create, update, and query customers
  • View transaction statistics by customer
SOAP Certification Environment: https://api.cipcert.goevo.com/2.1.30/DataServices/CMS.svc
REST Certification Environment: https://api.cipcert.goevo.com/2.1.30/REST/DataServices/CMS.svc