API Reference Overview

Developer API Reference

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API Reference Overview

The CWS Developer API Reference is designed to provide data elements and parameter information associated with the Commerce Web Services (CWS) SOAP and REST APIs for integrating payment processing into an application SOAP and/or REST APIs associated with the Commerce Web. Enumeration and fault references are also provided.

The Developer API Reference is organized by the following sections to cover the volume of the EVO Snap* CWS data contracts:

Service Information Data Elements REST Data Elements
Base Transaction Data Elements Enumeration Reference
Bankcard Transaction Data Elements Fault Reference
Electronic Checking Data Elements

Additional Resources

The following can be referenced as supplemental material:

  • Commerce Web Services Developer Guide provides an overview of the components and concepts related to the development of client applications communicating with CWS and a step-by-step guide for developing applications implementing the CWS SOAP & REST APIs.
  • Integration Guidelines provides guidance related to the integration of specific certified payment service providers supported by the Managed Commerce Services Platform.