Bankcard Processing (BCP)

Bankcard Processing Objects

When integrating Bankcard Processing services into an application, please make the following changes:

  • Replace Transaction data type with BankcardTransaction
  • Replace Response return type with BankcardTransactionResponse
  • Replace Capture data type with BankcardCapture
  • Replace Return data type with BankcardReturn

Commerce Web Services supports the Bankcard Processing (BCP) service class and the Credit and PIN Debit transaction classes.

Credit Transactions

The Credit transaction class is associated with lending funds to the cardholder by an issuing bank in alliance with a card association (Visa or MasterCard) or directly by a credit company, (American Express, Discover, etc.). Credit transactions are for the ‘total amount of purchase’ only and based on an established line of credit for the purchase of goods or services.

PIN Debit Transactions

Unlike Credit transactions, PIN Debit transactions are associated directly with a cardholder bank account (checking or savings) vs. a line of credit. During transaction authorization, a verification of available funds is performed to ensure the cardholder has sufficient funds in the account to cover the cost of the purchase.

The two primary PIN Debit transactions are Online and Offline.

  • Online – Requires a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to complete a transaction. The PIN provides real-time verification of the availability of funds inthe cardholder checking account. PIN Debit also allows ‘cash back’ transactions in addition to typical sale transactions. With online debit transactions, the customer must have an available balance in anaccount equal to or greater than the sale amount, plus any cash back amount, in order to complete the transaction.
  • Offline – Also referred to as Signature Debit. Offline PIN Debit requires a cardholder signature to complete the transaction, but follows the typical Credit processing workflow. With offline debit, there is no specific check of the cardholder checking account balance at the time of the authorization.

Recurring Payments

A recurring transaction is a transaction for which a cardholder provides written permission to a merchant to periodically charge their account number for recurring goods or services, such as subscriptions, membership fees, tuition, or utility charges. Recurring bill payments are supported for the NGTrans and eService DSPs and in the MOTO and Ecommerce industry types, and for Authorize and AuthorizeAndCapture transaction types.

For more information about recurring payment transactions, including error handling, please see the Recurring Payments Operations and Support Document.

For Recurring Payments API reference information, click on the links below:

Tip Adjust

The Tip Adjust feature for the EVO Snap* Platform will include tip adjust on retail and restaurant sale transactions in order to support ISV application solutions or terminals processing through Snap*.
Tip adjust workflow is supported for the NGTrans and Banamex adaptors and only for AuthorizeAndCapture transaction types.