CommerceDriver™ Overview


The EVO CommerceDriver™ makes implementing EMV technology faster and easier by combining technical, operational and strategic components into a fully integrated, tested and production-ready solution. The SDK is a .NET framework for processing credit card transactions in a POS application and meets all EMV Level 3 compliance requirements by instantly enabling PCI-compliant transactions with end-to-end encryption.

Advantages of CommerceDriver™

Like a printer driver, the pre-certified Commerce Driver™ SDK installs alongside your software application – adding EMV transaction processing to your POS system. The Commerce Driver™ facilitates all transactional communication with the EVO Payments global processing platforms and approved hardware devices to isolate payment data and keep it separate from the software application.

  1. Easy to install – similar to a printer driver
  2. Pre-certified – decreasing your time to market
  3. Reduces PCI Compliance scope and liability for merchants
  4. Provides Point to Point Encryption for all transactions
  5. EVO maintained – no ongoing maintenance costs

Managed API Calls

Use the managed API calls in CommerceDriver™ to perform the following functions:

  • Login
  • Authorize
  • Capture
  • Authorize & Capture w/Duplicate Transaction Override
  • Re-Submit
  • Transaction Lookup
  • Void w/Forced Void
  • Batch Capture w/Forced Void
  • Local Settings File w/Authentication Parameters

EVO Account Setup

Before transactions can be processed with the EVOSnap* SDK, an account request must be made to EVO Support. Your account identifies the information required in your POS application configuration file.

If an account has not been setup, you can still begin integrating to your POS application, but transactions cannot be processed. For additional information, please contact EVO Snap* Support.

Available SDK Packages

CommerceDriver™ is available for Android, iOS and Windows® operating systems. Select a link below to learn more!