Electronic Checking (ECK)


Electronic Checking Objects

When integrating Electronic Checking services into the application, please make the following changes:

  • Replace Transaction data type with ElectronicCheckingTransaction
  • Replace Response return type with ElectronicCheckingTransactionResponse

Commerce Web Services supports the Electronic Checking (ECK) service class through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) and Electronic Checking (ECK) transaction classes.

For more information regarding the rules governing ACH transactions, refer to the Electronic Payments Association (NACHA) website.

SEC Codes

CWS support for the Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction class includes the following Standard Entry Codes (SEC):

SEC Code Description
Back Office Conversion (BOC) A single-entry debit initiated by a merchant/billing entity at the point of purchase or a manned bill payment location for a physical check (source document) from by the customer. The check is converted to an ACH debit entry during back-office processing. BOC conversions require the customer to be present.
Corporate Cash Disbursement (CCD) A business-to-business transaction allowing a debit or credit from one organization to another organization. Authorization rules for consumer entries do not apply.
Prearranged Payment & Deposit (PPD) Used to credit or debit a consumer account. The consumer must provide written authorization to the merchant/billing entity to automatically debit a savings and/or checking account for the specified dollar amount. The payment types may be one-time or recurring transactions.
Telephone-Initiated Entry (TEL) Initiated based on a verbal authorization (by telephone) to issue an ACH entry by phone. The merchant/billing entity must make an audio recording of the oral authorization or provide the recipient with written confirmation of the authorization prior to the settlement date.
Web-Initiated Entry (WEB) An electronic authorization via the Internet to initiate a transfer of funds from a consumer account. NACHA requires each merchant/billing entity originating WEB entries to employ commercially reasonable methods for authenticating the identity of the recipient.
Note: SECCodes is an Electronic Checking enumeration. For more information, please refer to the Electronic Checking Enumerations in the CWS Developer API reference.