Commerce Web Services

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Transaction Processing Type Names

The API allows certain data elements from a merchant’s configuration to be over-ridden on an individual transaction.  As such, there are several type names used in the namespaces of SIS and TPS data contracts.  Therefore, you may need to qualify the type name with the proper namespace for the endpoint to which you are sending your request.

The following type names exist in both namespaces:

  • AddressInfo
  • ApplicationLocation
  • CardDataOutputCapability
  • CardholderAuthenticationCapability
  • CustomerPresent
  • EMVTerminalData
  • EntryMode
  • HardwareType
  • IndustryType
  • PartialApprovalSupportType
  • PINCapability
  • PINMaxCharacters
  • ReadCapability
  • RequestACI
  • RequestAdvice
  • TerminalOperator
  • TerminalOutputCapability
  • TypeISOCurrencyCodeA3
  • TypeISOLanguageCodeA3
  • TypeStateProvince