Integration Guidelines

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PIN Debit Processing

PIN Debit transactions are primarily supported in CP Retail and Restaurant environments. Most service providers require merchants to be approved during the merchant account setup to process PIN Debit transactions.


When supporting PIN Debit transactions in CWS:

  • Track 2 data BankcardTransaction.BankcardTenderData.CardSecurityData. PIN and BankcardTransaction.BankcardTenderData.CardSecurityData.KeySerialNumber are required for all authorizations.
  • CashBackAmount is supported.
    • – If a CashBackAmount is not present, the transaction is for Amount.
    • – If a CashBackAmount is present, the Amount must be equal to Amount + CashBackAmount.
Note: When CashBackAmount is present, partial approval is not supported. CustomerPresent is equal to Present and EntryMode is equal to TrackDataFromMSR.