Snap* FAQ

EVO Snap* Platform FAQ’s

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What is EVO Snap*?

Snap* is an intelligent commerce gateway for omni-channel global processing. Huh? Think of us like a commerce driver for software – allowing applications to easily access and speak to multiple commerce services through one interface without having to worry about all the technical details of each individual service. Since Snap has all of the commerce services needed to support POS, eCommerce, mobile and back-office workflows, once you connect to the Snap* Platform, you can build apps that create a consistent experience for customers across all channels and points of acceptance.

Who is EVO Snap* for?

Snap* is for software companies (integrators, VARs and developers) and retailers who want to simplify in-app and online payment acceptance using intelligent payment tools. Snap* is especially spiffy for software companies and retailers who are trying to build holistic solutions that support the complex omni-channel (POS, eCommerce and Back-Office) needs of today’s businesses.

What Services Does EVO Snap* Support?

Snap* provides single integration access to credit and debit card processing for card-present (CP) and card-not-present (CNP) transactions across all points of acceptance including Retail, Restaurant, eCommerce and MOTO. Snap* also provides inline value-added services including Tokenization, Data Services, and Data Protection and more.

What Programming Languages are supported?

Snap* comes in lots of flavors to support multiple integration and deployment methodologies – allowing you to choose the language(s) you’re most comfortable with or the one(s) that make most sense for your project. Our Web Services interface (available in SOAP and REST) makes payment processing a lightweight component of virtually any software application. The SOAP interface is ideal for .NET, JAVA, Ruby, Python or other object oriented languages, while the REST interface supports Javascript, PHP, Perl, AJAX or other scripting languages.

Can I see Sample Code?

Absolutely! Depending on the integration method you select, you’ll have access to sample applications, code samples, XSDs and other resources to assist with your app development efforts. The Sample Application and Code Samples for C# and PHP are available at More code samples are coming and will be published as available.

How do I get started?

The best way to get started is to grab the sample application and sample code from our github repository at

How do I start Testing?

If you haven’t already, reach out to your Customer Care Specialist to receive test credentials for your application. You can then use these credentials to hit our sandbox to see if everything is working correctly. From there you’ll be able to certify your application as well.

How do I certify my app?

After your app is fully tested, it must be certified by EVO Snap*. Certification ensures that applications comply with EVO specifications and other service-specific standards, and are ready to properly transact. Snap* provides test scripts as part of the certification process. These scripts help send sets of transaction messages to the Snap* Platform, the results of which must be submitted to the EVO Snap* certification team. After you certify your application, you will receive production credentials from your customer care specialist that you will use when you go live with your application.