Retrieve Service Information

Commerce Web Services

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Retrieve Service Information

After the application receives the session token from CWS, retrieve the Service Information to verify the services are authorized for the Service Key. Service Information is retrieved by invoking the GetServiceInformation operation to return the following information to the application:

  • Payment services available – Credit, PIN Debit, and/or ACH services.
  • Operations supported – payment account verification, authorize and capture, etc.
  • Payment service features supported.
  • Specific transaction workflows supported by the Service Key.

The process of retrieving Service Information:

  1. Get Service Information – The application invokes the GetServiceInformation operation to pass the sessionToken to the Service Information endpoint initiating a request for all Service Information associated with the merchant Service Key.
  2. All Service Information is returned to the application, defining the services, workflows and transaction processing operations available to the Service Key.

Once Service Information is retrieved, the application can begin managing one or more Merchant Profiles.