EVO Mobile Overview


The EVO Mobile app is a complete mPOS solution allowing small business owners to streamline sales and accept payments on the go with a smart phone or tablet device. With the EVO Mobile app, business owners can process sales, apply discounts, add tips, email receipts, and issue refunds from their wireless Apple iOS® or Android™ devices.

Versions of the EVO Mobile app have been channel branded for customers, including EVO Mobile and Charge ‘N Go™. These app versions have identical functionality and are both available for download on the App Store and Google Play. Both versions are referred to as the EVO Mobile app in the relevant documentation.

Benefits of the EVO Mobile App

  • Easy to Setup – With its intuitive design and easy to use Settings tool, EVO Mobile can be configured and customized to fit your business needs in minutes.
  • Take Payments Now – Start receiving timely payments from your customers at the time service is rendered with your EVO Mobile app.
  • Quick Checkout Process – Tap to add items, insert or swipe the customer’s card, and email their receipt in seconds.
  • Streamline Tipping – With EVO Mobile’s tip prompting, adding a dollar amount tip or preset percentage tip has been simplified for your customers.
  • Never Miss a Sale – From the sales floor to an outdoors event, EVO Mobile is always ready to process credit, signature debit, and prepaid card transactions.
  • Stay Connected & Sale More – EVO Mobile allows you to stay connected with customers while they remained engaged throughout the buying experience, all of which increases the likelihood of you making the sale.
  • Faster EMV Transactions – EVO Mobile was built for high-speed EMV chip card transaction with its 3-4 second EMV transaction times that are as fast as a traditional swiped transactions.
  • Inventory Management – Quickly create a library of items to sell from your mobile device and easily add new products in seconds.
  • State-of-the-Art Security – Hosted on a secure website protected by the latest encryption technology and password-protected access, EVO Mobile gives you peace of mind when processing mobile transactions.
  • Apple or Android – Whether you prefer using your Apple iPhone or iPad, or your Android phone or tablet….or all the above, our card readers can be used with all your devices and can easily switch from one to another.

A Look at Your Card Reader

BBPOS Chipper OTA Specifications
  • EMV contact chip card reader
  • Magnetic stripe card reader
Communication 3.5mm audio jack
Charging Via Micro USB
Supported OS
  • Android 5.0 or above
  • Apple iOS 8.0 or above
BBPOS Chipper BT Specifications
  • EMV contact chip card reader
  • Magnetic stripe card reader
Communication Bluetooth® 4.0
Charging Via Micro USB
Supported OS
  • Android 2.1 or above
  • Apple iOS 8.0 or above
*For a list of supported devices, please see the BBPOS documentation on their website.

More information about the Card Readers can be found in the EVO Mobile Merchant User Guide below.

Note: Users that currently use the MagTek or ITM-50 terminals will need to migrate to the Chipper OTA card reader to access new updates.

User Guides

EVO Mobile user guides were designed to highlight the many different functions that EVO Mobile can perform. Click on one of the User Guides in the list below to learn more:

User Guide Version Production Date Description of Changes
EVO Mobile Merchant User Guide August 2020
  • Support for the BBPOS Chipper BT (Bluetooth card reader)
  • Manual Card Entry functionality
EVO Mobile Merchant User Guide 2019 Initial version