Dashboard Overview


EVO Dashboard was designed based on merchant feedback and technical evaluations of existing EVO products. It was determined through these reviews that there was a great benefit for merchants to be able to conduct reporting and transaction management within the same system that contains the payment acceptance workflow. Thus, Dashboard was created to consolidate the Virtual Terminal and the reporting and transaction capabilities into a single, fast, scalable, and easy to use product for mobile or web-based users.


Notable Features

  • Card Not Present Transactions
    • Ability to create a onetime order
    • Ability to create order with itemized list
    • Ability to add both Bill to and Ship to Addresses
    • Ability to issue refunds
    • Ability to issue partial refunds
    • Ability to email and resend receipts
  • One Time Invoicing
    • Ability to create Invoices with itemized list, including shipping fee and tax
    • Ability to print Invoice to PDF with active Pay link Button
    • Ability to create payment link to use in body of Email (Cut and paste)
    • Ability to create payment button to user in body of Email (Cut and paste)
  • Bulk Invoicing
    • Ability upload more than one and up to one-hundred invoices or subscriptions in a single action
  • Create a Subscription
    • Ability to create subscriptions through same invoice creation workflow
    • Ability to create recurring subscriptions with custom invoicing details for each customer
    • Ability to cancel subscription, or cancel and re-create subscription
  • Catalog Feature
    • Ability to create catalog items
    • Ability to quickly and easily add catalog items to invoices
  • Customer Management
    • Ability to create and edit individual customer records
    • Password and Security Settings Management (setting up and resetting)
    • New platform “Customer” feature that acts as a container for merchant customer’s information making it easier to conduct reporting and manage additional activities
  • View and Manage Features
    • Ability to view records of all Transactions
    • Ability to view records of all Invoices
    • Ability to view records of all Subscriptions
    • Ability to view records of all Customers
  • Business Intelligence
    • Ability to view Charting and Graphing of transactions by last seven days
    • Ability to View and compare credit card usage by card
      • Ability to view and track overall sales
  • Mobile Optimization
    • Users viewing Dashboard on a mobile device have an experience optimized for their device


Note: Dashboard functionality is permissions based – certain features may or may not be visible based on the user’s permission settings.


User Guides

Dashboard user guides were designed to highlight the many different functions that Dashboard can perform. Click on one of the User Guides in the list below to learn more:

User Guide Version Production Date
Dashboard User Guide, April 2019 April 2019
Dashboard User Guide, February 2019 February 2019
Dashboard User Guide, November 2018 11 November 2018
Dashboard User Guide, Controlled Release 03 June 2018
Dashboard User Guide, Controlled Release 30 April 2018