Application Logic

Commerce Web Services

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Application Logic

The information returned to the application in the ServiceInformation object can be used to dynamically drive application logic, (e.g.: the ServiceInformation object returns a list of CWS operations supported for each Service Key). Depending on the supported operations, application logic can be written to drive the presentation of unique UI elements for a specific service or drive other application functionality.

Service Information serviceId vs. workflowId

The relationship between serviceId and workflowId is as follows:

  • The GetServiceInformation operation is invoked against the CWS Service Information Service (SIS) endpoint.
  • The ServiceInformation object is returned containing the services (by serviceId) supported by the requesting application Service Key/identityToken.

While it is possible for a single Service Key to support multiple services (by serviceId), support for transaction workflows returns both a serviceId and a workflowId. The workflowId represents a collection of supported payment and value-added services, as well as the order in which each is invoked during the transaction workflow.

Note: When supporting workflows, the workflowId must be passed in each subsequent transaction processing request to trigger workflow processing. When workflows are not supported (or workflow processing is not desired), the appropriate serviceId should be passed. Please Refer to Understanding Workflows for more information.