Workflows Overview



A Service Key can have multiple workflows and services assigned to it.

Service ID

Each back-end Data Service Provider (DSP) that has been integrated into the platform will have a unique identifier as a service.  There is a 1-1 correlation of Service ID to DSP.  Service IDs are returned on the call to the SIS endpoint {{GetServiceInformation}}.

Workflow ID

Workflow IDs allow flexibility for how payments are routed through the platform by bundling value-added services with any of our DSPs.

When your application is boarded on the platform, your Solutions Engineer will configure your Service Key with any number of Service IDs or Workflow IDs depending on your business needs. You will want to ensure that Workflow IDs and Service IDs are configurable in your application.

When processing a transaction, you will send in either a Service ID or a Workflow ID on the request message.

  • A Service ID routes straight to the back-end DSP.
  • A Workflow ID can include support for 3DSecure.  If the merchant and the cardholder are both enrolled in 3DSecure, a PaReq is generated and returned to the client.  When authentication has been completed, a resubmit is performed and the transaction will continue processing with the DSP.
  • Each Workflow ID contains only one Service ID.
  • Any DSP may be bundled with one or both value-added services.