Hosted Payments Integration

Hosted Payments

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Integration with the EVOSnap* Hosted Payments API for checkout/payment processing is achieved by utilizing a server side script to invoke the JSON integration methods with the EVOSnap* Hosted Payments web service (REST API). The solution type is controlled via the parameter checkout layout.


REST Checkout API

The REST Checkout API offers merchants more control, but it does require server side code hosted with the merchant’s web site. Integration into this method utilizes the same request attributes listed in this section, along with the REST API details mentioned in the Web Services API Integration section.

TIP: Inquire about the Snap* drop-in PHP form handler script to dramatically reduce the integration time for either JSON method. The available file handles the HTTP JSON request to set up the checkout, and it also takes the guesswork out of compiling the MAC. Even if your programming language is not PHP, use the code as an example for your development.


Presentation Layer

The end user can be re-directed to/load the merchant’s co-branded checkout/payment interface inside an ‘iframe’ or in the full browser window from the submitted request.

TIP: Including the parameter checkout_layout with a value of ‘iframe’ optimizes Snap* Hosted Payments for use inside an embedded integration. Omitting this parameter redirects the browser to the merchant specific checkout URL.


Returning to Merchant Site

Regardless of the presentation method selected, the end user is re-directed to the URL specified in the request as return_url at the conclusion of the Snap* Hosted Payments checkout process. For standard re-direct checkouts the merchant can include the parameter auto_return and set the value to ‘true’ in the checkout request to bypass the Snap* Hosted Payments checkout ‘thank you’ page. If a return URL is not specified, the system defaults to the checkout request URL.

All checkouts using an ‘iframe’ present a seamless integration by automatically following the auto-return approach. Returning to a URL on the merchant domain satisfies browser cross-site scripting (XSS) restrictions and allows the merchant to regain control of the frame to collapse it.

IMPORTANT! All Decimal type fields must be formatted as N.NN., with two digits after the decimal point.


Sample Merchant Checkout URLs (POST API)

Environment URL
Testing API Calls
Testing Get Shopping Cart URL
Production API Calls
Production Get Shopping Cart URL