Hosted Payments Overview


EVO Snap* Hosted Payments is a simple web services API designed for merchants without an existing order tracking, fulfillment, and reporting system. Hosted Payments can also act as an order storage and reporting database to perform a variety of HTTP POST tasks such as:

  • Create, Manage & Query
      • Orders – Including credit and previous payment transaction.
      • Subscriptions – Process recurring payments manually and update, cancel, or query a subscription.
      • Tokens – Process a single order manually or query a token.
  • Store & Manage
      • Offline Orders – store or update an order paid offline or by a 3rd party payment method (e.g.: check/money order, PayPal).
  • Reporting & Analytics
      • Retrieve a list of merchant orders or a specific order by merchant order ID or payment transaction ID.

All requests sent from the merchant to the Snap* Hosted Payments servers must include a signature parameter to verify the authenticity of the message and the sender. The signature serves as a Message Authentication Code (MAC) identifying the merchant sending the message and confirming the message was not altered during transit. The MAC is included on all Merchant Callbacks sent from the Snap* Hosted Payments server.

The information below describes the development required to quickly and easily integrate to the Snap* Hosted Payments API for payment processing directly from a web site or an eCommerce application.