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Parameter Data Type Description
sessionToken String The limited-life token used to authenticate to CWS.
differenceData Undo The transactionId of the transaction to void.
Note: You must send in BankcardUndo for Bankcard transactions.
applicationProfileId String A token representing the PTLS Socket ID unique to each Service Key and configuration data combination. Returned by the SaveApplicationData operation.
serviceId String Conditional. Unique identifier for available services returned in the ServiceInformation object when invoking the GetServiceInformation operation. Required when not supporting workflows.
workflowId String Identifies the workflow to use for the transaction. If not supporting custom workflows, pass the serviceId returned by GetServiceInformation.

Return Type

Data Type Description
Response Transaction response data.
Note: For Bankcard (BCP) transactions, the response object is BankcardTransactionResponsePro.


CWSFault CWSInvalidOperationFault
AuthenticationFault CWSInvalidServiceInformationFault
ExpiredTokenFault CWSOperationNotSupportedFault
InvalidTokenFault CWSTransactionAlreadySettledFault
CWSConnectionFault CWSTransactionFailedFault
CWSExtendedDataNotSupportedFault CWSTransactionServiceUnavailableFault
CWSInvalidMessageFormatFault CWSValidationResultFault
For additional details about each fault, refer to Transaction Processing Faults in the CWS Developer API Reference.


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