CommerceDriver™ for Android

Getting Started With CommerceDriver™ for Android®

The CommerceDriver™ makes implementing EMV technology faster and easier by combining technical, operational and strategic components into a fully integrated, tested and production-ready solution.

Meet all EMV Level 3 compliance requirements and instantly enable PCI-compliant transactions with end-to-end encryption using the CommerceDriver™ from EVO Snap*.

How it Works

Like a printer driver, the pre-certified Commerce Driver™ SDK installs alongside your software application – adding EMV transaction processing to your Android®-based POS systems. The CommerceDriver™ facilitates all transactional communication with the EVO Payments global processing platforms and approved hardware devices to isolate payment data and keep it separate from the software application.

Advantages of the CommerceDriver™:

  1. Easy to install – similar to a printer driver
  2. Pre-certified, decreasing your time to market
  3. Reduces PCI Compliance scope and liability for merchants
  4. Provides Point to Point Encryption for all transactions
  5. EVO maintained – no ongoing maintenance costs


Version Details

– CommerceDriver™ – V2.34.2

– Supports EVO Snap* v2.1.34 Platform calls

Supported Terminals:

  1. BBPOS Chipper BT via Bluetooth
  2. BBPOS Chipper OTA via Audio Jack
  3. Ingenico iCMP via Bluetooth
  4. Ingenico iPP320/iPP350 via Ethernet



– CommerceDriver™ Framework – Android API Level 23+ (Marshmallow)


Google Play Services

Google Play Services is required for Commerce Driver to work.

Check for Google Play Services in your application using GoogleApiAvailability.


Enhancements and New Features in Version 2.34

Manual Keyed Entry

Manual Keyed Entry is the process of running what would typically be a card present transaction without a payment terminal by manually entering the card information in order to process a transaction. For more information on this feature, please see the 2.34 Quick Start Guide in the section below.


The 2.34.4 version of CommerceDriver™ saw the addition of transaction processing including a surcharge. Surcharge is limited to the Authorize and AuthorizeAndCapture transaction types only, and is supported for Manual Entry, MSR, ICC, and Contactless transaction processing.

Quick Start Guides

See the table below for the latest version of the CommerceDriver™ Quick Start Guide for Android!

Quick Start Guide CommerceDriver™ Version
Quick Start Guide for Andriod 2.34
Quick Start Guide for Android 2.33
Quick Start Guide for Android 2.30
Quick Start Guide for Android 2.29


Upgrade Guides

The CommerceDriver™ Upgrade Guides are designed to assist partners in the migration process from one version of CommerceDriver™ to another. See the table below for more information.

Upgrade Guide CommerceDriver™ Version
Android Upgrade Guide 2.33 to 2.34
Android Upgrade Guide 2.30 to 2.33
Android Upgrade Guide 2.27 to 2.30

Reference Information

For additional information, please visit the EVO Snap* Support site at, or contact your EVO Technical Support representative.