Transaction Processing

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Adjust and Void Transaction

The following operations are used to adjust and void previously authorized transactions for both SOAP and REST implementations:


The Adjust operation is used to make adjustments to a previously authorized amount (incremental or reversal) prior to capture and settlement.



The Undo operation is used to release cardholder funds by performing a void (Credit Card) or reversal (PIN Debit) on a previously authorized transaction that has not been captured (flagged) for settlement.

The Undo operation differs from the ReturnUnlinked operation in that Undo is used to void or reverse a previously authorized transaction, while ReturnUnlinked can only be used to return funds for a transaction that has been previously flagged for capture.

Performing a “force void” (BankcardUndo.ForceVoid) indicates whether an authorized transaction should be removed from the batch regardless of whether the Undo request is approved or declined. Otherwise, authorized transactions will only be removed from the batch if the void is approved.

Note: The use of the Undo operation is restricted to transactions that have a TransactionState of “ErrorUnknown”, or any other valid transaction state. Performing an Undo on transactions with a TransactionState of “InProcess”, “ErrorConnecting”, or “ErrorValidation” will not be processed and an error response is returned to the client application.
For more information, refer to Payments Status Messaging in the Transaction Management Developer’s Guide.


API Reference

For Supported Operation API reference information, click on the links below: