Transaction Processing

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Authorize Transaction

The Authorize operation is used to authorize transactions by performing a check on cardholder’s funds and reserves the authorization amount if sufficient funds are available. Unlike the AuthorizeAndCapture operation, Authorize transactions must then be flagged for settlement by invoking the Capture operation.

Note: Authorize is not supported when processing PIN Debit transactions on terminal capture systems. For more information, refer to Terminal Capture Operation Flows.


Implementation Notes

The following implementation notes are specific to the Authorize operation:

  • Visa and MasterCard support authorizations of $0.00.
  • American Express and Discover do not support authorizations of $0.00.
  • Discover supports the reversal (void) of authorizations, so the reversal will not show on the cardholder’s statement.
  • American Express does not support the reversal (void) of authorizations. Any authorized amount will roll off after 30 days and will show on the cardholder’s statement.
  • Be sure to set a unique OrderNumber in the BankcardTransactionData object. This ensures fast and convenient recovery of transactionIds in the event of communication failures.
  • The BankcardTransactionPro object is required to support BankcardInterchangeData used for recurring, installment, and deferred billing payments.
  • The BankcardTransactionDataPro object is required to support Level 2 and/or Level 3 transaction data.
Note: The HTTP Authorization Header must contain the required sessionToken value.


API Reference

For Supported Operation API reference information, click on the links below: